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January 3, 2002, 8-9 centimeters, about 30 minutes before giving birth. Hard to believe, isn't it? This young woman is experiencing the benefits of HypnoBirthing with Gay

A Day in the Life of a HypnoBirthing Doula

At 4:00AM I receive a call. Mom-to-be is very uncomfortable and on her way to the Birth Center.

I call a substitute for my 7:30AM Yoga class, walk the dog, grab my music, large body pillow, birth ball, hot water bottle, a bottle of water for myself and drive off into the early morning quiet darkness.

Upon my arrival I find first time mom is a little panicked, therefore breathing short radical breaths. Before even putting down my purse I get her breathing long deep breaths that keep her and her body calm.
She has her own hot water bottle placed just under her belly and is now breathing long deep breaths. Dad in on one side and I am on the other massaging her gently with light long strokes. Her eyes are closed and she is focused on the positive phrases about her and her body working naturally. I calmly say these phrases with each stroke. Peaceful music is playing in the background and lavender is in the air.

Baby is born about noon. The whole family is gathered around taking pictures, crying and making mom, dad and baby feel so loved. A baby boy is born peacefully and placed on mom's belly. Mom and Dad kiss and profess great love to each other and the baby while waiting for the cord to stop pulsating.
Dad cuts the cord and kisses mom again. He then takes the baby in his arms looking into his eyes watching every nuance with admiration. The baby is healthy and alert watching everyone intently.

My moment comes when much to my surprise mom remembers me telling someone that my real pay comes when I get just a minute to hold the baby.
She asks the family to take pictures as I hold the baby. There are no words to describe the feeling I have for the babies whose births I attend. I float out of the birth center and call my mom and niece to tell them about the new baby.
The words that go through my mind are, I am the richest woman in the world.

I am also a volunteer Doula at a major medical center. I get to work with women who are afraid and don't know about Doulas but leave with the world Doula on their lips forever.

• I can unstall a labor sometimes in minutes of my arrival.
• I can turn pain into some discomfort.
• I can help women to breath and enjoy the birth experience.
• I can help Dads to feel comfortable and confident with their role during birth.

If mom and dad are happy my guess is baby will be happy and begin life feeling love and joy. I deeply appreciate the moms and dads who allow me to be a part of one of life's most precious events. I must also be one of the luckiest women in the world because I get the most special moms and dads.

I usually see moms and dads four times in their home before the birth. I teach them deep relaxing techniques, answer questions and help to dispel fears and myths. Dads tell me what kind of a role they want to play in the process and I assure them I will support them. I am amazed at how they perform during the births.

Sometimes mom's support is a grandmother or aunt and sometimes mom is alone. I believe my calm strength helps moms to have a great experience with birth of baby whatever the circumstance.
Grandmother always wishes she had had a Doula.


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