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Gay Lyn Fry
N.D., H.H.P., C.H.T., CD
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About Author Gay Fry

Gay Lyn Fry H.H.P., N.D., Yoga Instructor, Doula, Child Birth Educator

As an author 111 Ways to Let Go of Painful Relationships is being appreciated around the world for its honesty and ability to speak to hearts and souls.

Gay Fry began her studies in the health care field while finishing up 30 years as a flight attendant.

After earning her Holistic Health Practitioner designation she worked as a massage therapist and Instructor at Vitality Training Center in Solana Beach, California. She taught Swedish massage, couples massage, infant massage, pregnancy massage, Reiki, yoga teacher certification, mind body medicine, soul retrieval, Shamanic journeying and hypnosis.

Gay Fry earned her Doula Certification and worked as a volunteer at a major medical facility in San Diego, California as well maintained a private practice. She has assisted women with labor and childbirth at most of the facilities in San Diego County, a hospital in Pennsylvania, a hospital in Connecticut, a hospital in Michigan and one in Melbourne, Australia.

A Naturopathic doctor she enjoyed the experience of yoga as medicine at the Naturopathic and Yogic Science Institute in Bangalore, India. She taught yoga at a few local gyms in San Diego County and Yoga teacher certification courses at Vitality Training Center aka Vitality School of Healing Arts.

Gay Fry became a Labyrinth facilitator after taking classes with Rev. Lauren Artress in San Francisco, California at Grace Cathedral. A week stay in Chartres, France and walking the Labyrinth there revealed to her the ongoing power of the Labyrinth. She has facilitated walks for the Learning Annex and First Methodist Church in San Diego among others.

kayakWith a thirst for knowledge she has taken classes at New York University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California San Diego, Oregon State University, Alpena Community College, and Tarrant County College in Texas.

With a passion for life Fry continues to write, and do massage on horses and people. She is also working on her next books, walking the dog and kayaking on the river she loves.


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