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Gay believes that being a Doula is a labor of love, every step of the way! Here she is with one of the babies at whose birth she assisted.
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Yogic Breathing for Childbirth

Doula - Certified Childbirth Educator

CAPPA Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association
Certified Childbirth Educator

Every woman should have a HypnoBirthing Doula!
"I want every baby to feel loved and wanted from the very first moment."

"Doula" comes from the Greek word for the female servant in the household who was the closest and most useful to the woman of the house. Gay Lyn provides Doula services and also offers Yoga and HypnoBirthing Services for expectant mothers. She also teaches about Yogic Breathing during birth.

"As a Doula I have attended over 150 births. I love working with couples and giving them tools and guidance that empowers and facilitates them to have a peaceful and fearless birth. I do believe that where the mind goes the energy flows. It is necessary to focus on the positive yet, be flexible and knowledgeable enough to handle whatever the birth experience. I, personally like to see everyone happy and baby get a happy beginning in life. My feeling is that baby wants to see mom and dad and hear how awesome he/she is in their eyes. This is a great beginning! I have been very lucky in my career to have worked with couples who have shown great love and respect for themselves and each other, thus fulfilling my dream of babies having a happy beginning. I am honored to have been chosen by such special couples and even though each birth was as unique and the little darling who was born, we always felt good about the process. We (daddy, hospital staff and myself) always worked together to support the new mother and her baby. I am blessed and look forward to teaching more couples to feel safe and to have empowering birth experiences. PS I get the best Christmas cards because they are filled with baby pictures. "

Aunt Gay's calm and nurturing manner mixed with knowledge and experience puts mom, dad and baby at ease. Her services as a Doula can be enjoyed in hospitals, birth centers and at home.

Always supporting the needs and choices of the Mother and Father, Gay participates whole heartedly in the loving and positive atmosphere of the birth experience. Healing hands that soothe and comfort are the "extra touch" to what will be a happy and empowering birth experience.
Gay also loves to support single moms and is very effective with high-risk pregnancies.


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