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Horse Massage


horse massage
"There is nothing like a horse's love. She breathes so sweetly in my ear. That girl loves her massage."

horseSpa day for Liberty and her girl friends is thoroughly enjoyed by them. Believe it or not they seem to know the word massage and do not have to be asked twice to come up to the barn for theirs. Their owner, Mary, plays peaceful Celtic music in the barn to set the mood and brushes them down. When I arrive I give them each a few little carrots and then the massages begin.

Liberty has made it clear that she is to be massaged first. If not, she becomes very agitated and stomps around her stall.  When she is first, she relaxes and is just fine. She is very good at telling me where she hurts and exactly what she wants.

horseLiberty's owner loves to ride and has a trainer so as to add quality to her and Liberty’s riding experience. Liberty was having an issue with her turns and would get a little agitated.  I let Liberty guide me as to her needs and we helped her shoulders release. She is walking so beautifully now and her owner is ecstatic about her ride and has recorded her on DVD. The trainer is also impressed with the beautiful way Liberty is now stepping out so freely. Liberty is very proud of her perfect rides and thinks she is a Diva. I know no one who will tell her otherwise.

Liberty also has had a cribbing problem which has eased up greatly with regular massage. It is not totally gone yet, but we have faith that it will ease totally.  She does use cribbing to show me her neck and scapula is tight.

In the evening Mary’s husband gives the horses a peppermint. I have been massaging these horses every other week for over a year now. Most of these horses are rescue horses that have formed a mutual love and appreciation relationship with their keepers. Working with these horses is like taking a walk with God.


small horseTrixie is a small horse that was rescued by her owners from an abusive situation.  It is hard to imagine how anyone can do such a thing to such a sweet girl. She is so precious even though no one can ride her she is playful with her owner’s grandchildren and greatly loved.  When rescued she made friends with another horse who died and left Trxie very sad and lonely. Horses are very social animals therefore; she suffered emotional pain from her loss.  I have talked to her gently and built trust. Now, when her owner tells her I am coming to give her a massage, she promptly follows her to the barn and her stall. When I hold her head and massage her, her head gets very heavy and she gets a little tipsy. She is so darling with her big eyes and long eye lashes.  I adore her and her face looks happy and less stressed now. I feel massage has improved her digestion as well as her emotional well being.

small horseTrixie was not only sad when I first started working with her but also had a lot of fear. A big tear rolled down her eyes when I gave her the first massage.  She now makes a noise so that I know she is in her stall because she is small and knows she cannot be seen. She waits inside by the door of her stall. She now needs no halter. She stands and relaxes for her massage. She will pass gas and have a nice release.  She is a walk with God.


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