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Nirruddha Yoga
Absolutely balanced state of mind for happiness, health and well being!
Happiness Yoga
Gay Lyn Fry H.H.P., RYT (Yoga Alliance,)., ND, Doula, CHT, Reiki Master, writer and Healing Arts Instructor
My study of yoga, its many styles, combined with my study of the body and my genuine concern with the health of man kind has led me to develop an all encompassing style using dynamic yoga flows.
Benefits of Yoga
Yogic Breathing for Childbirth
Prenatal Yoga


Krishnamacharya is called the Grandfather of Modern Yoga. Some of his more famous students are B.K.S. Iyengar, Pattabhis Jois and Indra Devi. Indra Devi was the first woman who was allowed to learn yoga and one of the first to bring yoga to America and Russia. Her first book "Yoga for You" first published in 1948 was reprinted and re-released just after her death at age 102 in 2002.

Krishnamacharya refused to standardize the practice and teaching methodology of yoga. He knew each must find his own way with yoga as each of us fits differently in our bodies and so the journey to the center of who we are must take a different route.
As a yoga teacher and always the student of yoga and life I have also found that yoga is different for each of us so it is great that there are so many teachers expressing yoga is such a variety of ways. When I teach my class is designed for most students of varying body shapes and degrees of ability. Each assumes a pose as defined by his body that day. There is no right or wrong to yoga. Doing yoga at all is most right and the more you practice and develop a relationship with your body the further you and your body can go.

I am of the Indra Devi linage and my goal as a teacher of yoga teachers is to challenge students to find the teacher within and share the joy of yoga and the discovery of self with others yet always growing. Most of my students are now happy yoga teachers and it is always rewarding to hear from them and their students. A few of my students have taken the training to develop a deeper and more meaningful personal yoga practice. In yoga is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

My teacher training program at Vitality School of Healing Arts is an intensive study focusing on teaching methodology, asana study, anatomy, meditation, Pranayama and creating vinyasas. Vitality School of Healing Arts is a state certified school and a certification is issued upon graduation.


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